Raymond L Zukowski
June 25, 1939
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It's hard for anyone to share their life's stories without writing a book. I didn't want to do that but I did want to do something with the photo albums, audio tapes and movies left by my parents and grandparents.

1943 Ray 4 years Old


Our move from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida to Sandy, Utah in 2013 with boxes stacked on boxes of not only my family memories but also my wife's was the breaking point that I had to do something very soon ...MemKpr was created to solve the problem and make sharing with other family members and friends around the world as easy as sending emails.


Don't wait any longer,  With your own MemKpr account you are ready to save and protect your precious memory collection.  Protect it now from fire, floods and natural disasters. Just remember how many sad stories you have recently heard on the news of families loosing everything in a few moments.


If I have stirred you up and got you thinking about your collection of memories let me take you on a little journey by telling you a little more of my story. Ok?


I was born June 25th, 1939 at 11AM at the Bronx, NY Hospital. On my Family Tree you can learn all about my mom and dad, brother and my entire family so I don't need to go into much detail here.


The slide show at the top left will give you a 7 picture snap shot of my life, but these pictures are only a quick flash from my past.


Using MemKpr to tell my story has given me access to every current story telling technology available today.  No longer tied to the limits of publishing a printed book, I can use all media for my tools.  On this page alone you have access to my written words, my pictures, a slide show, old movies from my growing up years, and the ability to click on Hyperlinks to whisk you away on my magic carpet to visit the house I grew up in and visit all the chapters of my life.


The best part of MemKpr is I can add more stories and details any time I think of something new. You can't do that with a printed book.  Now on with my story.


In this starting chapter I would like to go back and see just how much I can remember from my early, early memories. Let me take you back to the first house I remember living in.  At 1242 Pinchot Place in Bronx NY.

1947 Bronx NY 1st Holy Communion

Click VISIT to see my old house and neighborhood that I remember growing up in.  When the Google map opens, click on the house in the upper left corner of the page, to open it full page.  You can use the controls to zoom in, spin the picture around or travel in any direction you desire.

Google Maps provide a perfect way for each of us to travel back in time to visit the towns, cities and neighborhoods we still remember.  Most likely you will even find your old house, just where you left it.

Each of the pictures you see below will open the memories I had during that time in my life.  Click on the links below the pictures and they will lead you to more of my story.  Please understand that this page will always be growing and will never be finished as long as I'm living and making memories each and every day.  

1951 - 1953
 Junior High School year


1954 -1957 High School Memories


1958 -1961
  After High School & before college


1961-1964  Army Years in North Carolina

  Married to Patricia Swanson

1973 -1976  
Exhibit Trade Show Director

  Mt. Lemmon, Arizona

1980 Receives Jesus Christ as his Lord & Savior

1985 Ray's Invention hits the Tucson News Paper 

Nov 1995 Retired from Rayzist

Lived in Vista, CA until Dec 1998

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and receives favor from the Lord. Prov 18:22

Met Kassie McCormick after she visited the first website I built in retirement; http://computersaints.org

1999 Married Kassie Wells McCormick in South Carolina

We purchased a 5th wheel RV and traveled the entire year, coast to coast before ending up selecting Santa Rosa Beach, Florida to setup our home.  Our churches over 14 years, were Christian International and, Destiny Worship Center located in near by Destin, FL

I set up the video department for Christian International


and worked seven years as video director for their weekly services and special conferences and events.

In 2004 we established http://coasttocoastvideo.com

Our work with Coast to Coast Video allowed us to shoot over 235 wedding celebrations along the beautiful white sand beaches on the Emerald Coast of Florida.

We added http://NeighborVision.com in 2011 with Live Internet Broadcasts from Santa Rosa Beach and Destin, FL to help share live events and Town Hall Meetings to our neighbors and show off our beautiful beach community to the world on the Internet

In 2014 we gave up our beautiful beach community and moved to SandyUT in 2014 to be closer to Kassie's grandchildren and enjoy all of the outstanding beauty of the surrounding mountains and Park City activities.  We now delight in having four seasons to enjoy.  What a difference from our old one season beach life style.

In 2017 we moved from our apartment in Sandy to a house in Holladay, Utah only two miles away from our grand kids.  Now we have much more space with a two car garage and beautiful views of the valley below. Talk about happy!

MemKpr.com is now completed and you are invited to open your own account and start saving your life stories.

You must be tired by now of reading all about my life?

Start saving your own story, we offer a 30 day FREE Trial.  Click to get started. 


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